The Bliss team

The Editorial Board of Bliss consists of the following members:

Thea Hilhorst, Linda Johnson, Mansoob Murshed, Lee Pegler, and Mahardhika Sjamsoeoed Sadjad.





Former members of the Editorial Board are Maryse Helbert, Sylvia Bergh, Rod Mena Fluhmann, Matthias Rieger, and C. Sathyamala.

Lize Swartz


Lize Swartz is PhD researcher at the ISS focusing on the effects of adaptive responses to the collapse of socio-hydrological systems on resilience and power dynamics. She has a general interest in interactions with environmental change and how to enable deeper transformations to just and sustainable futures. She holds a BA in International Studies (cum laude) and BPhil in Journalism from Stellenbosch University and an MSc in Sustainability Science and Policy from Maastricht University. Besides her PhD and work as editor-in-chief of Bliss, she is a freelance writer and editor.



Blog Manager

Natalia Abril Bonilla is currently pursuing a MA in Development Studies, majoring in Social Policy for Development at ISS. She holds a BA in Sociology (Hons) and in Journalism and Public Opinion (Hons), from the Rosario University. Her research interests lie at the intersection between international political economy, poverty and social protection systems in rural areas. She is also an investigative journalist.