The Bliss team

The Editorial Board of Bliss consists of the following members:

Thea Hilhorst, Linda Johnson, Mansoob Murshed, Lee Pegler, and Amod Shah.





Former members of the Editorial Board are Maryse Helbert, Sylvia Bergh, Rod Mena Fluhmann, Matthias Rieger, and C. Sathyamala.


Lize Swartz isĀ editor of ISS Blog Bliss and a PhD researcher at the ISS. Her research explores the way in which water users navigated the collapse of urban water supply systems in South Africa related to drought and is linked more broadly to individual and societal understandings of and responses to change and uncertainty.






Blog Manager

Ezinne Chidinma Aninwe holds an MA in Development Studies, majoring in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies at International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. She holds a BSc. in Sociology & Anthropology from Imo State University, Nigeria and has been trained locally (FRCN) and Internationally (RNTC) in Broadcast Journalism with an experience spanning over 8 years in Nigeria’s Radio Industry. Her research interest and specialisation lies in Conflict and Peace studies.